Best Abandoned Cart Emails to Convert Unconvinced Shoppers

Best Abandoned Cart Emails to Convert Unconvinced Shoppers

The internet is brimming with distractions. That means holding an online customer’s attention long enough for them to complete a purchase isn’t always easy.

In 2017, the global online shopping cart cart abandonment rate for all ecommerce sectors was 75.6%. That means over three-quarters of online shoppers put items in their carts, but don’t finish the transaction.

Thankfully, you don’t need to simply accept this problem as an inevitable reality of ecommerce. With the right abandoned cart email strategies, you can re-engage customers who failed to complete purchases.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate, keep the following tips in mind for crafting the best abandoned cart emails. These will help you boost sales by reminding customers of the value of your product or service so that they complete the purchase.

Use Your Emails to Visually Show Their Abandoned Cart

Incorporating visuals and other multimedia elements make your abandoned cart emails stand out in a dynamic way. They can also make a product look more enticing.

Thus, when sending an online shopping cart abandonment email, it helps to include images of the products that are still sitting in the recipient’s cart. Often, people forget about the online purchases they intended to make.

With images, you can remind a customer of an item they meant to buy, while also making it look enticing. Simply mentioning that a customer added a pair of shoes to their cart may not convince them to finish the purchase. Showing them those shoes they fell in love with will remind them of the product’s value and why they were initially interested. When this value is built through a visually enticing abandoned cart email, the recipient is more likely to complete checkout.

Focus Abandoned Cart Strategies on Personalization

Even the best abandoned cart emails won’t work if customers don’t open them. That’s why you should always personalize your abandoned cart email subject line with the recipient’s name. According to one study, you can boost open rates by 50% just by including a personalized subject line.

When is the Best Time to Send?

Wondering when to send an abandoned cart email? According to statistics, the sooner, the better. Within an hour of leaving a cart without making a purchase, 90% of leads go cold.

Automate your abandoned cart email rate so customers who are guilty of online shopping cart abandonment receive an email reminder within an hour of exiting your page.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Urgency inspires action. That can be a helpful psychological tip to keep in mind when you’re trying to craft your abandoned cart strategy. If an item in a customer’s basket was on sale, remind them of the limited window they have to take advantage of your great deal.

If an item won’t be available forever (e.g. it’s a seasonal offer) or is low in stock, let your customers know. They’ll be more likely to avoid online shopping cart abandonment and finish the purchase if they realize that not doing so could mean missing out on a special offer.

The Best Abandoned Cart Emails Include Reviews

Reviews and testimonials generate social proof, which is the psychological tendency to accept an idea if others express it. If a customer sees that other people have positive things to say about an item in their cart, that item will become more appealing to them.

Including reviews and testimonials is a smart way to improve your current abandoned cart strategy and prevent future cases of shopping cart abandonment. Just be sure you’re being smart about when to send survey emails to gather this valuable feedback.

Again, although online shopping cart abandonment is a common problem in ecommerce, it isn’t totally unavoidable. By implementing these abandoned cart email strategies into your retail marketing plan, you’ll get more customers to complete their purchases. In doing so, you’ll substantially boost overall revenue.

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