Free Techniques for Finding New Email Addresses

Free Techniques for Finding New Email Addresses

It’s often more effective to send a direct email than to use a website form when reaching out to new contacts. However, trawling through websites or social media to find a contact’s email address can be time consuming. Fortunately, there are faster (yet still free) ways for how to find email addresses.


Beyond web searches, Google’s got your back when it comes to finding new emails. Enter the name of the person you need to contact and their email address in quotation marks then, presto!

You’ll have near instant results available in the metadata, so you won’t even need to click in to find the email address. Keep in mind that for common names like John Smith, you may need some additional data, such as location or the name of the business they work for.


WHOIS provides easy access to publicly available data that’s recorded when registering domain names. A simple search of your target’s domain name can find email addresses along with other contact details such as address and contact numbers.

Target Websites

People often hide their personal details in the footers, author images, or sidebar link of their website. These usually require website visitors to sign up on their contact forms. A simple way to get around this and find an email address is to type a few instructions directly into the address bar of your web browser.

[WebsiteName]/contact, [WebsiteName]/contact-me, and [WebsiteName]/about are all good ways to get directly to the information you need. Additionally, they cut the time it takes to find email addresses.

Take a Guess

So, you know the basic format of an email address thanks to the contact details on the website. However, you still don’t have the email address of the exact person you need to get in contact with.

How to find their email address might be easier than you think. Take an educated guess and construct their email address from that. Common email structures for business email addresses include:

  • [First name]
  • [First name].[Last name]
  • [First name][Last name]
  • [First initial].[LastName]

The address of a contact’s colleague will help you make a better guess for constructing an email address. Additionally, an email verification service can check an email before you send to ensure it exists.

Prospecting Services

So you’ve tried the above, plus a couple of your own methods to find email addresses, and you’re still coming up with nothing. Outreach services like Ninja Outreach and can crawl through internet information on your behalf to find email addresses so you don’t have to. Whilst these services generally do charge, most offer a free trial period so you can check them out before putting your hand in your pocket.

Other Methods

A list of tips on how to find email addresses would be incomplete if it didn’t include mention of your own email lists. You might not have the contact details of the exact person you need to reach out to, but someone from the same business may have signed up to your email database. Take a moment to run a quick search within your own contact database first.

Social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – can also be utilized as a source as people fill out their details when creating their pages.

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