Top Customer Loyalty Email Campaigns in 2019

Top Customer Loyalty Email Campaigns in 2019

Customer loyalty programs can consistently deliver a strong return-on-investment over an extended period of time. While stable brand assets such as a testimonial page can work in the background to build trust passively, brand loyalty is something you’ll want to personalize and nurture. The good news is, surveys indicate more than half of consumers are willing to join email loyalty programs with preferred brands when they’re offered. That means you can be confident there’s already an audience for this type of program among your customers.

Begin experimenting by planning some email rewards campaigns yourself. But remember, you’ll want to craft an ideal customer profile so you don’t waste time and money targeting luke-warm prospects. For inspiration, consider learning from these loyalty program examples:

The Savoy: Highlighting the Importance of Personalization

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Consumers expect brands to deliver personalized marketing content to a greater degree than ever before. For example, you may already know that segmenting your email list to enhance personalization results in a higher open rate. You need to account for the individual tastes and preferences of each customer when sending emails.

This same principle applies to loyalty emails. For instance, The Savoy sends customer rewards emails based on the preferences of each recipient. If a customer is planning a trip to a particular destination, the emails are designed to provide them with destination-specific recommendations. This is a simple yet effective way to make the best possible impression on all email list followers.

The Gap: Keeping Things Simple

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Brands such as The Gap have generated higher-than-average clickthrough rates (and as a result, higher levels of engagement) by merely sending customers thank you emails when they make purchases. 

You can enhance such emails by offering special discounts or rewards when customers spend a certain amount of money. This is yet another loyalty program example that highlights the value of simply treating your audience members as respected individuals.

Hotel Tonight: Expanding a User Base with Customer Rewards Emails

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Hotel Tonight offers a loyalty program example that demonstrates how such programs can not only boost brand loyalty among current customers, but also attract new ones.

The company achieves this goal by sending emails to its loyalty members with referral codes they can use to earn a $25 reward when they convince a new friend or family member to sign up for the service. This rewards the loyalty of existing customers while also consistently growing their user base.

Though it may not be right for every brand or business, paid customer loyalty or VIP programs can be incredibly effective. For a paid program like this to work, you’ll have to target customers that frequently visit or make purchases on your site. Unless you’re already a large, familiar brand, new customers will be a harder sell since they’ll have no built in familiarity or trust with your brand. However, enticing member-exclusive benefits will keep your loyal customers coming back time and time again. Make sure you use your emails to highlight value of your paid loyalty program. As long as the value of your VIP program is greater than the cost, people will sign up. Include testimonials from existing loyalty program members as an extra boost.

Happy Birthday Emails: A Staple Among Loyalty Program Examples

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It’s important not to overlook the value of tried and true methods when developing email rewards campaigns. For instance, seemingly countless brands have successfully boosted engagement and customer loyalty by sending discounts or special offers on a follower’s birthday. Topshop, for example, keeps things simple with a clear message, offer, and how to use the discount. Birthday emails reward customer loyalty, feel more personalized than most marketing emails, and make a customer feel they are truly valued.

The Body Shop: Foster Loyalty With Charitable Giving

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Not every loyalty program has to offer discounts to customers. Sometimes a brand can foster loyalty by highlighting their company’s ethics and values. If your brand and your customers share mutual values, you can build a loyalty program around those shared beliefs that will forge an even stronger connection between yourself and your customers than what a discount could create.

For instance, The Body Shop strongly believes in environmental sustainability and animal welfare. When customers join their rewards program The Club, not only do they receive discounts and VIP benefits, but they also have the ability to donate their rewards to Born Free USA (a charity for animal welfare). Not only does this program allow customers to see the causes that are important to The Body Shop, but if customers share passion for similar causes, it will create a deeper relationship.

Use these loyalty programs examples as inspiration when developing your own campaigns. They’ll help you come up with emails that deliver a strong return-on-investment while improving overall customer satisfaction, too.

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