Email Marketing Challenges in 2019 - And How to Overcome

Email Marketing Challenges in 2019 - And How to Overcome

Investing in a strong email marketing strategy is key to the success of virtually any business in the digital age. Although marketers can reach customers through a wide range of channels now, email remains one of the most effective, even among younger consumers.

That doesn’t mean planning and implementing a strategy is always a simple process. It’s important to understand what the challenges of email marketing are in 2019, how they’ve changed in recent years, and what you can do to overcome them.

Make sure your business continues to thrive this year by addressing the following email marketing challenges in 2019. Knowing how certain email mistakes may reduce the effectiveness of your campaigns will help you better understand how to mitigate them successfully. Plus, they’ll help uncover email marketing best practices that you can implement to prevent future mistakes and tackle the challenges more easily.

An Email Marketing Tip to Remember: Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have allowed brands to provide customers with a greater degree of personalized service than ever before. As a result, consumer demand for personalization is at an all time high. For instance, more than 60% of consumers surveyed report wanting brands to provide them with personalized recommendations.

You can no longer succeed by merely sending all of your followers the same general content. Email marketing best practices have changed to keep up with customer expectations.

Luckily, there are fairly simple ways to adjust your strategy accordingly to meet this email marketing challenge in 2019. Segmenting your email list into multiple smaller lists makes it easier to send relevant content to your followers. This email marketing tip has been shown to boost open rates. For instance, an apparel brand should market winter clothes to those who live in colder regions, while marketing beach gear to followers who live in warmer climates.

Including a recipient’s name in the subject line is also an effective strategy. Again, you don’t need to make major changes to offer greater personalization and leverage this email marketing best practice to its full potential.

Mobile Optimization is Key to Email Marketing in 2019

Most emails are read on mobile devices now. Thus, optimizing for mobile is one of the most important email marketing tips to keep in mind.

Mobile optimization doesn’t have to be one of your greatest challenges of email marketing in 2019. There are several ways to ensure your email content is mobile-friendly. First, remember that small screens don’t always display the full text of subject lines. You may need to frontload your subject lines with important words to maintain strong open rates.

Another email marketing tip to keep in mind is that your email content itself also needs to be easily scannable on mobile devices. Large chunks of text won’t look pleasing to someone reading your emails on a smartphone. Succeed at email marketing in 2019 by keeping paragraphs short and breaking up your text with images and formatting elements (such as headers and bullet points).

Email List Verification Continues to Be Among the Most Important Email Best Practices

Email addresses don’t remain valid forever. For example, someone who signed up for your list using their work email may no longer be with the same company. Odds are good that address has “gone bad.” The more time passes, the greater this challenge of email marketing becomes.

Sending emails to addresses that are no longer valid doesn’t merely prevent you from reaching old followers; a high bounce rate could also get you tagged as a spammer. Your emails might end up in junk folders as a result.

That’s why it’s important to check your list with an email verification tool before sending out any content. This simple step will efficiently remove invalid addresses from your list and help you overcome this email marketing challenge in 2019 and beyond.

Again, email marketing in 2019 is still highly effective. That’s because email gives you an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with your followers. By addressing these challenges of email marketing, you’ll leverage the channel to its full potential.

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